The historical changes in the international foreign exchange for a currency

Every country in the world has their currency which is useful within the country and some parts of outside of the country. Whenever the currency value of a country changes, it will surely impact the price value of the goods in the market. Changes in value of the currency decide the changes in buying and selling that happens all over the country. Though the government fixes the rate of goods, the change in the value of their currency would bring effective change in the price value that may affect the consumer in positive or negative way. Forex is the international market where the change in the price of gold, exports and imports between countries and the currency value are decided. 

Forex is the centralized global market called as international market for exchanging gold, goods and currency. When a person travels from one country to other country he or she can’t use the currency of the home country to the county where the person visits because the person will be able to only spend the currency that belongs to the visiting country. This is a golden rule in all parts of the world. No Indian can use Indian currency in US likewise the US dollars in not useful in India. This is the way it is and hence whenever the person plans for the international trip the person should exchange the currency of the home country for the currency of the country where the person is going to visit. The exchange of currency is done as per the currency value of both the currencies in the Forex market.


The Forex market decides the rate of the currency of any country in the world whereas there are many franchises that helps exchanging the currency for commission fee. For every exchange they take commission and it happens for buying and selling. In this case the historical exchange rates are very important because the Forex, the exchange and the franchises considers the change in the value of the currency for a period of time. This will be available in the Forex websites where you can find complete details of changes that happened in a particular period of time. The changes in the currency value will be shown in the form of graph so that it will be easy to check the fluctuations happened in the market. 

The graph that shows the fluctuation is mostly useful for the stock market people who invest in stocks and shares. Each and every country has stock market and the stock values of the companies will change as per the value of the company or the business in the market. This really brings the change in the value of the stocks of the company. Those that invest in stock market will get profit only when the share value of the stocks they have bought increases. Whenever it decreases the investors should suffer loss. The investors will have to check the graph to certain what will happen in the market. They have to evaluate the changes as per the historical exchange rates happened for stipulated time so that they can reduce the risk of loss.

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